“(Here are) the raw material of facts and thoughts, wood, as it were, so called from the multiplicity and variety of the matter contained therein.”
From Ben Jonson’s Commonplace Book


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15 Books That Helped Shaped My Approach to UX

I was enjoying a quiet moment alone on the back patio during Thanksgiving break with my family and came across a WIRED


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How Should Organizations Build Digital Communications Teams?

In the scramble for attention in digital spaces, nonprofit organizations find themselves facing the daunting task of churning out content that engages audiences at super-human speed — what in the marketing world would be called “owned media.” The tricky part is making content that the audience actually wants to consume and not just broadcasting the institution’s self-selected priorities. For most organizations, doing so requires a radical shift to staffing and process structures.


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What Should We Use Pinned Tweets For?

With a not-so-small and kinda-Facebook-like update that Twitter made to its profiles recently, the ephemeral micro-blogging service also released a new feature: Pinned Tweets.


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Save the Internet

The clarion call heard across cyberspace these past few days has been as urgent in its tone as it has been dramatic in its delivery: "Save the Internet!" And for once, it's nearly impossible for anyone to exaggerate the grave danger that threatens to plunge our modern networked world into the disconnected dark ages.


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Hello From the Big Easy!

First things first, what is a front-end developer and what makes it different than your normal, ‘full-stack’ web developer? I’m specialized! I focus on the front end, or what is sometimes called the theme layer. I use tools like HTML, CSS (Sass these days), and Javascript (mostly jQuery) to turn static designs into fluid, interactive, and production ready interfaces.


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A Healthy Dose of Political Inspiration

Last week, my husband Jon and I had the opportunity to attend EMILY's List's annual fete. This was his first time ever accompanying me to a political event, and sensing him feeling a bit overwhelmed, I tried my best to whisper explanations as we moved through the substantial crowd.


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New Tool: Background Burner

If you do any light image editing–say for email newsletters or blog posts–you may be familiar with the urge to... spice up your pictures. Maybe you want to add a colorful background to a picture, or drop a subject into a different time or place. Maybe you just want to taunt your boss.


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Rolling out Django with Nginx

Python is an awesome language that is very fun to learn and growing quite a bit in popularity. Most notably, Reddit runs on a popular framework known as Pylons (now maintained as Pyramid) while several other websites are built on Django. Some of these include Disqus, BitBucket, Pinterest, and Instagram. This is going to be what I view as the path of least resistance to getting yourself up and running with a powerful, modern Django stack!


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I Hate Running

I hate running. Hate it. I’m not quite sure why I signed up for four running races between April and November this year. I get the rationale behind each of those decisions, but I just don’t completely comprehend why anyone would put themselves through such a long, torturous training regiment for a short adrenaline rush that comes with a race.


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Juan González becomes a Partner at EchoDitto

Cheerful, considerate, and fiercely loyal, that's Juan. He'll jokingly refer to himself as a dictator—the product of his being the creator of an entire world—but the reality is pretty close to the opposite. If anything, it's a tyranny of benevolence, even as his role here has evolved from project manager to Client Services Director, and now a Partner at EchoDitto.


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This One Weird Trick to Make Better Websites

Preprocessor is a dirty word. There, I said it. We all secretly love our abstractions of abstractions, but when it comes down to it, the real question is, which one are you going to use? CoffeeScript? TypeScript? Dart?

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