We've asked a lot of questions and spent a lot of time trying new approaches to support nonprofits. We've learned valuable insights about how people, data, content, design, and technology flow together. And our podcast explore all of this and more (curious about german schmear, anyone?)

Season 1

Funpisodes (See what we did there?) 

  • Listen to Part 1: Welcome to the Funpisodes (November 7, 2023)
  • Listen to Part 2: What it Means to be a BCorp (November 14, 2023)
  • Listen to Part 3: Tips for Giving Tuesday (November 21, 2023)
  • Listen to Part 4: Tech We're Thankful For (November 28, 2023)
    • Apple Weather née Darksky: "The best weather app."
    • Libby App: "Amazing for accessing books! All. The. Books."
    • Bandcamp: "Helps me support and discover independent musicians"
    • Reverb: "Provides a fair marketplace for music gear."
    • Whatsapp: "Secure messaging with friends and family (and that works anywhere you have a wifi connection, including outside of the country).End-to-end encrypted that not even Meta can read your messages."
    • Notion: "It's my fun organization space. I keep my weekly to-do list there, my budget and debt tracking, my reading journal, and other digital life"
    • Jetbrains PHP Storm: "ridiculously good at autocompletion, automatic code insertion, and general mind reading."
    • SEMRush: "a great way to get quick ideas for keywords  to use in your articles, how hard it might be to rank for those keywords"
    • Google Suite: "use them all the time. They are very easy to create, use, edit, share, collaborate within, etc. It's seamless."
    • Miro: "It’s a fun and effective way to bring remote teams together and balance participation"
    • Slack: "It allows me to connect with my colleagues instantly, great for keeping things moving in my work, but also allows me to force photos of my son on people :)"
    • Zencaster & Adobe Audition: "We use Zencastr to record the podcast, and Adobe Audition to edit it. "

Spotlights! We chat with team members at Echo&Co and partners.

The Life-Changing Power of Empathy & Trust | Zenitta Anderson, Senior Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer

Bonus Episode with Julia Ford @ Manara

Using Digital Tools for Advocacy & Activism | Apollo Gonzales @ Nimbus Strategies, Inc.

Leading with Empathy | Chrystal Koech @ Facing History & Ourselves

Tackling the Big Bear of Data | Andy Krackov @ Hillcrest Advisory

Communication & Community | Stephen Fee @ Enterprise Community Partners

Fun & Funding for Nonprofit Innovation | Aimee Berniard @ Easterseals

How a Company Does Social Good | Graziella Jackson @ Echo&Co