What is The Something Forum?

The Something Forum is a podcast presenting thought leadership, inspiration, guidance, and relatable conversations about digital innovation and transformation in the nonprofit sector. Our goal is to talk with nonprofit leaders candidly about the good, bad, challenging, and inspiring parts of their work, so together we can learn something about this unique space. New episodes release every Tuesday!

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What to expect

Each month we will present a four-part series with a nonprofit leader, embarking on a deep dive into their work. 

Week 1: Breakroom Chat        
During our first week, we’ll get to know our guest. We’ll talk about how they got to this point in their career, what projects they’re currently working on, and what challenges they’re facing. 

Week 2: Pop Quiz        
For our second week, we’ll dive deeper into an important topic or issue. We’ll explore our guest’s thoughts on it, giving our listeners a meaningful overview of the topic. 

Week 3: Why can’t we just…        
In our third week, we’ll take a look at our guest’s favorite or least-favorite stakeholder request, and how they addressed it. 

Week 4: Toasts        
Our final week in the series will be a time to celebrate not only our guest’s successes, but any other triumphs and good news stories the guest would like to share. 

Join us as we explore the world of nonprofit digital innovation with the folks leading these efforts. 

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