Program & Engagement Management

Our program and engagement management equips our clients to successfully lead digital strategy and transformation. Each of our engagement directors has served in a senior leadership role within an organization and has more than ten years of consulting experience — they are uniquely equipped to understand the organizational challenges, industry trends, and market opportunities that most influence your success.

Product & Project Management

Our product and project management maintains rigorous control over the operations and economics of projects and product development. Each of our project and product managers have expertise in establishing project structures and product plans, auditing and evaluating digital channels, defining requirements, managing iterative design and development, leading quality assurance and training, identifying and resolving risks before they arise, keeping project and product teams aligned and motivated, and maintaining quality, efficiency, and performance across all resources, activities, and deliverables.

Process & System Improvements

Our process and system improvement work focuses on identifying, evaluating, and advancing organizational effectiveness. We document and evaluate current processes and systems, identify gaps and ways to address them, and define new tools and methods to increase standards of quality and performance. Oftentimes we work to apply digital tools to improving operational efficiency and decreasing overhead. When we encounter organizational barriers to advancement, we engage you in structured activities designed to replace those barriers with improved methods.

Facilitation & Workshops

Our meeting facilitation and workshops are about bringing people together. During our structured sessions we invite participants into self-awareness and empowerment as creative thinkers and producers. We explore embedded assumptions and how those influence decision-making. We set and establish a common vision, vocabulary and goals and clear pathways for achieving those goals. We build group cohesion and structure while reducing the kinds of groupthink-related barriers that can inhibit rich critical evaluation and exploration. Our workshop participants leave energized, confident, focused, and unified on what needs to be achieved.

Coaching & Training

In order for us to achieve real transformation, we have to leave our clients equipped with the knowledge and abilities to manage change and evolution beyond our work together. Coaching and training are embedded in all our engagements — we don’t just solve problems for our clients, we equip them with the confidence and skills they need to to continue developing more effective practices long after our work concludes. Our coaching is built upon confidentiality, trust, and helping our clients to seek answers to their own questions through structured mentorship.

Speaking & Writing

Our team speaks and publishes regularly in contexts that have included General Assembly, Chief Content Officer Magazine, Web of Change, Nonprofit Technology Conference, Harvard University, ADWKDC, Leadership Greater Washington, and the Newseum Summer Institute. We also regularly present privately for executive leadership teams and boards, private seminars and webinars, and other professional group settings. As part of delivery, our engagement team also produces reports, white papers, and other thought pieces on the digital industry that we share with our clients as part of an ongoing knowledge sharing practice.