Celebrating 10 years of Advocacy

Since the spring of 2004, Echo & Co. has been serving clients: designing and building websites and apps, creating campaigns, contributing to movements. We’re excited about our work leading organizations through their use of connected media and emerging technologies to help solve the world’s greatest challenges and make a positive impact.

We are Echo & Co.

As an owner-operated professional services firm, we’re only as good as our talent. And our team is exceptional.
We’re proud to introduce them to you:

  • Nicco Mele
    Founder and Executive Advisor
  • Justin Pinder
    Managing Director, Operations
  • Joshua Wachs
    Executive Advisor
  • Graziella Jackson
    CEO and Managing Director
  • Olumide Adebo
    System Administrator
  • Mark Archibald
    Manager of Finance
  • Bill Brown
    Interaction Designer
  • Lisa Hahn
    Director of Client Engagement
  • Dibby Johnson
    HR Advisor
  • Sara Kaplow
    Project Manager
  • Neal Maher
    Associate Creative Director
  • Nick Massa
    Web Developer
  • Natalya Minkovsky
    Director of User Experience
  • Leif Nordberg
    Marketing Strategist
  • Paul Reny
    Web Developer
  • Lauren Robbins
    Operations Specialist
  • Peter Sax
    Managing Director, Technology and Product
  • Sarah Swanke
    Strategy Associate
  • Stephanie Todd
    Content Strategist and Experience Architect
  • Chad Van Lier
    Director of Business Development
  • Paul Venuti
    Senior Software Architect
  • Amy Weitzman
    Project Manager
  • Russom Woldezghi
    Software Architect

I see you like to read printed material. You should check out Nicco's book The End of Big: