“(Here are) the raw material of facts and thoughts, wood, as it were, so called from the multiplicity and variety of the matter contained therein.”
From Ben Jonson’s Commonplace Book


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Year-End Giving Starts Now!

Year-end giving is traditionally associated with the annual holiday season, and many nonprofit foundations and charitable organizations typically wait until November or December to put together a communications and marketing plan only to rush it out the door to get tax deductible contributions before December 31st.


Dittos on Film (Sorta)

Via Jumpcut, the first of a series (more or less) on our move to the new office space.


Dittos on the Move

Wondering where we are? Well, we do live online, but there are some things that can only be done offline. For example, moving to a new server can totally be done online. Moving to a new office, however, requires being offline.


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The new [green?] office of our dreams

So, we're hours away from the big move into our new office (or Global Operations Centre, as I like to think of it). There are a million reasons why this move is incredibly exciting for us -- we'll post photos and stories real soon so that you can see why...


21st Century War Diaries

War is often associated with the technological advances of the era (eg. Vietnam was the first "television war"), and the current conflict in the Middle East, as well as the war in Iraq, are certainly part of the "Web 2.0 Wars."


Pew Report on Bloggers

The Pew Research Center just published a new report on bloggers. Being a blogger, needless to say I was intrigued.


Why don't students blog like they Facebook?

I've always tended to assume that virtually any new form of media or communication will be dominated first and foremost by young people.


Freedom and Logic Puzzles

With the approach of the Fourth of July weekend, most people's thoughts turn to bbqs, beer, fireworks and traffic on the Long Island Expressway. Don't


The Web as Public Pillory

We've all had moments we'd rather not have become public
knowledge. We've all done things we'd rather our friends
and family — let alone the whole world — never know
about. And there was a time when — except, say, for


Going postal on net neutrality

On Friday morning, the Institute for Politics, Democracy & the Internet presented a refreshing and illuminating real-world forum on “Net Neutral


YearlyKos in Review

I was able to attend the YearlyKos convention last weekend - I was interested to go and see what the prevailing feeling of the "progessive blogosphere

I see you like to read printed material. You should check out Nicco's book The End of Big: