“(Here are) the raw material of facts and thoughts, wood, as it were, so called from the multiplicity and variety of the matter contained therein.”
From Ben Jonson’s Commonplace Book


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Echo Named “Official Webby Honoree” for Greenpeace USA

We’re excited to share that the 20th Annual Webby Awards has recognized our work with Greenpeace USA as an Official Webby Honoree.


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Highlights from this year's Social Innovation Summit

Last Wednesday I joined a diverse group of luminaries, changemakers, and professionals gathered at the Ronald Reagan Trade Center in Washington, DC for the 2016 Social Innovation Summit (SIS16).


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A cheat sheet for images on social media

A new year means it's a good time to take care of some housekeeping. After taxes and getting used to writing 2016 on everything (thankgoodness checks are largely a thing of the past), the next obvious item on everyone's list is to make sure their social media game is on point. 


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5 Tips for Nonprofits Considering a New Website

Are you a nonprofit considering a new website? 

Before you get overwhelmed with of all the technical details, it is important to be sure you are grounded in the basic elements that will make your site effective in supporting your mission.


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Year-End Giving Starts Now!

Year-end giving is traditionally associated with the annual holiday season, and many nonprofit foundations and charitable organizations typically wait until November or December to put together a communications and marketing plan only to rush it out the door to get tax deductible contributions before December 31st.


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6 Things the 'Tech Girls' Taught Me

My new favorite Echo & Co. tradition (with apologies to the gong, binary questions, and 5 minute teaches) is playing host to a couple of Tech Girls in the D.C. office.


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Mobile's Gone Global

About two weeks ago, China Internet Network Information Center reported that a whopping 90 percent of China’s internet users surf the web with smartphones, marking a 25 percent increase in four years.


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Drupal 8? Drupal, Wait

If you’ve been following the Drupal community, you’re probably well aware of the impending arrival of Drupal 8. Just don’t expect to see any D8 sites flying out our doors anytime soon.


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Three Unlikely Words that Translate to Success

What’s the most valuable three-word phrase in the English language? Debatable. People tend to agree that I love you is up there. You’re on fire might also be a contender.


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Getting Started with Backbone JS and RestWS in Drupal 7

With all the talk about REST and Backbone support in Drupal 8 core, it seems like Drupal 7 could use a little love—and after all, those web apps really can't wait.


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When Less is Actually More

We’ve all heard the adage that less is more. It’s a succinct retort to our natural tendency to desire whatever is the biggest, the fastest, the fanciest, or the sparkliest, an effect exacerbated in technology and on the internet where trends are born and die within hours or minutes.

I see you like to read printed material. You should check out Nicco's book The End of Big: