Hello, nice to meet you. Let me introduce myself. My favorite tea is Irish breakfast. These days you might find me painting. When I was little I wanted to be librarian, but now I'm happy to be at Echo&Co. Did you know that one of the other folks here survived a military coup ?

As a business analyst and technical project manager at Echo&Co, Amy is responsible for guiding clients and project teams successfully through both the strategic and day-to-day requirements of digital projects. 

Amy is passionate about nonprofit organizations and social business. In 2008, Amy co-founded a nonprofit to fund her local branch library. She also provided digital strategy recommendations to the 2015 finalists for the Hult Prize, an an international social entrepreneurship contest. Before joining Echo&Co in 2013, Amy worked as a web developer and technical project manager, both at a large advertising firm and as an independent consultant. She has served clients in higher education, finance, media, advocacy, and social networking for over 15 years.

Amy has a BA from Boston University in English Literature and Computer Science. She is also a visual artist and lives in Boston with her two daughters.