Strategic Services


All of our work starts with a strategy focused on delivering the best experience to your users. The best is not always the flashiest, it’s the one that gets the right results from and for your audience. Our team includes some of the best minds in user experience, content strategy, and online engagement. Here are just some of the strategic services Echo & Co. offers:

User Experience (UX) Strategy

Echo & Co. uses a user centric approach to determining what your audience user needs are and how to best serve them. We will lead you through engagement models, collaborate with you on personas, and provide you positioning and brand recommendations to connect you with your audience.

Content Strategy

We will help bring your story to your audience. From gap analysis to content audits, style guides, and push and pull messaging, Echo & Co. will work with you to establish a multi-channel content strategy and engagement plan for your team to execute on, or offload the management onto our team.

Digital Campaign Planning

Campaign planning fundamentals are often given the short end of the stick in the digital world. While it is important to be flexible and responsive enough to execute tactics in real time, your work must be rooted in a well-researched and planned strategy. We'll sit down with your team to develop a campaign plan that is effective, measurable, and has digital built into it's DNA.

Community Building

Our experience building online communities is born from the Howard Dean campaign and seasoned from working for over a decade with online communities large and small, from start-ups to established organizations looking to expand their audience’s engagement with the mission and one another. There is no “secret sauce” to building an online community; it takes thorough research and understanding of your audience, building the tools that your community will need to flourish without overburdening it with extraneous functionality, and creating content and engagement hooks that draw people in and make them want to stay involved.

Discovery and Planning for Web Development

It takes the right type of planning and coordination to successfully build and execute on the vision for a new website or communications effort. We will work with you from the very beginning to set goals and develop a cohesive online strategy for engaging individuals in your mission.

Structure and Resource Allocation for Digital Teams

It is hard to have an objective view of whether your current workflow is effective. From an inside perspective, organizations are often constrained by "just getting the work done" and rarely have the opportunity to reflect on how the work could have been done better or more efficiently. Echo & Co. conducts stakeholder interviews along with analysis of the production cycle (for emails, social posts, web content, advocacy asks), to give your organization a better understanding of where inefficiencies and walls that prevent innovation sit.

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