We offer full service hosting to nonprofits and other organizations and individuals looking for stable, secure, scalable web hosting solutions. We use state-of-the-art systems to make sure that your website stays up and available, and we offer a range of options depending on your needs. But what really sets us apart is our commitment to hands on monitoring and support. We don’t just respond when a problem crops up. We proactively manage our hosting infrastructure to keep it running as smoothly as possible, and we take care of things like backups and redundancy so you can be sure that if something does happen your data will be safe. We have experienced systems administrators on call 24/7 in case of emergency, and always available during normal business hours for support requests and questions. You can focus on your work knowing that your web properties are being managed by knowledgeable experts.

Why Echo & Co. Hosting?

24/7 site-level monitoring

We'll respond when your site is inaccessible. Budget web hosts only monitor the server, but we will work to ensure your website is always available for viewing by using 5-minute site level monitoring that alerts us of any disturbance, day or night. In the unlikely event of a interruption in service, we’ll be actively working on it even without the need to reach out to us.

High performance

We install various methods of caching and other performance enhancements at the operating system, database, web server and application level, including PHP Opcode caching, and more. Budget web hosts will not include these out of the box or will charge additional fees.


We prepare for outages are nearly every point in our architecture. Built into our Performance Shared and Custom Dedicated packages are redundancy in everything from firewalls to load balancers and servers. If any link in the chain goes down, your website remains online. In the event of a worst-case scenario, we also feature a second-site alternative that is located in a geographically separate data center. We replicate all our data (including databases in real time) to our second site for absolute redundancy.

Managed Backups

We include backups in our monthly fees. Budget web hosts either rely on you to create a custom backup solution on your own, or will charge additional fees.

Full-stack hosting

We have over five years of experience hosting the kind of websites that we've built, so we know how they work at every level. If an issue with your website configuration causes a problem, we have the tools ready to diagnose it. Budget web hosts only provide the operating system and network; everything else is up to you.


All Plans Include:

  • Managed hosting by Echo & Co. admins with over 6 years of Drupal and WordPress hosting experience
  • 24x7 Site Monitoring
  • Managed Backups
  • High performance PHP
  • Regular system updates
  • Security built-in: firewalls, package updates, monitoring
  • Option to use our managed redundant DNS platform at no extra cost

Virtual Dedicated - $249/mo

Best for: Smaller clients that need flexibility to grow easily

  • Dedicated resources for your website; you will not share the system with other websites
  • Scalable architecture provides the ability to add more resources as demands increase (cost would change if needed)
  • Database and web server will run on the same hardware
  • Full access via SSH and/or SFTP if desired
  • Nightly backup images of the entire server
  • Bandwidth passed on at cost every month, average cost between $5-11

Performance Shared - $499/mo

Best for: Larger clients that need maximum uptime and performance

  • Database servers and web servers are separate for optimal performance
  • Database servers are configured for high-availability for complete redundancy
  • Multiple Load-Balanced web servers available for maximum performance and redundancy
  • Plenty of room to breathe: no more than 20 clients per shared server cluster
  • Hourly backups of files and databases retained for 2 weeks; nightly database backups kept for 90 days or more
  • Data replicated in real-time to secondary off-site location
  • 1 TB bandwidth included

Custom Dedicated - starting at $999/mo

Best for: Clients that require out-of-the-box thinking. If your site gets very high traffic, is prone to large traffic spikes, or has complex hosting needs, contact us about our custom hosting offerings.

  • For custom solutions requiring single or multiple dedicated web and/or database servers, contact us for a custom quote to best suit your needs

About our services

Our hosted properties are located in Lansing, MI, in one of three data centers that are wholly owned by our co-location provider. Each data center is a secure facility with 5 premium tier-1 bandwidth providers, including AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, Savvis and Level3. The network itself is fully redundant with N+1 internal devices allowing routing devices to fail without interrupting client data connectivity. Each data center features a utility power feed, intelligent, high-efficiency UPS and redundant diesel generators.

Contact us today

Interested in learning more about our hosting offerings? Want to talk to a real person about how we can best serve your organization’s needs? We’re not robots (really!) - call us at 202-285-9455 or email for more information.

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