Design Services


Echo & Co. is passionate about creating a visual experience that aligns with your overall brand strategy, is emotionally engaging, and drives your users to act. We offer a wide range of design services including:

Responsive Web Design

Designing smart, innovative, and user-friendly websites is what we do best. We’ll craft a custom visual experience that puts your users at the center of the design and allows them to emotionally connect with your message. We’ll also ensure that they are able to easily navigate and take action on your site, no matter if they’re working from their desktop computers or on-the-go with their smartphones.

User Interface (UI) Design

Echo & Co. aims to design the most intuitive, simple, and streamlined user interfaces possible so your users don’t have to think when they use your website or mobile application. We won’t just design a pretty page – we’ll create a scalable design system that is rooted in a strong visual hierarchy that promotes clarity, legibility, and consistency. Your users will love you for it.

Identity and Logo Design

Working in coordination with your overall brand strategy, Echo & Co. will create a visual system that expresses the personality of your organization, communicates your values and distinguishes you from your competitors. That includes everything from designing your logo, to developing your style guide, to compiling a comprehensive brand book. Together, we’ll visually tell the story of your organization.

Data Visualization/Infographic Design

Infographics tell a story in a way that words and numbers alone cannot. In fact, research shows that infographics can improve cognition by allowing users to see patterns and trends and retain important data. We’ll captivate your users by transforming data and complicated concepts into compelling visuals that can be understood quickly and clearly. 

Social Media Graphic Design

On Facebook, posts with images generate 100% more engagement than text-only posts. On Twitter, tweets with images generate 35% or more retweets than those without.* And of course, there are the intangible benefits that can’t be measured by numbers or percentages – like a stronger feeling of “connectedness” that users have every time they see a photo from your organization. We’ll work in tandem to strategically create a series of graphics that will boost engagement across your social media channels.

HTML Email Design

You just invested in redesigning your website to better communicate with your audience, so don’t forget about the channel where you communicate with your most loyal supporters -- your email list. We’ll put together a series of HTML email templates that not only match your website design, but are constructed in a way that perform optimally across a variety of email clients.

Banner Ad Design

To get the most mileage from your online efforts, you might consider an ad buy across important online media channels. Echo & Co. can help you craft a successful ad campaign and produce a series of animated or static banner ads that will get users to click.

Print Design

Yes, we do a lot of online design work, but Echo & Co. can assist you with your print design needs too!  Let us help you with the design of your organizational brochures, direct mail pieces, annual reports, tradeshow displays, banners, buttons, bumper stickers, tchotchke’s and more!

Design Audit

Know you need some sort of a design refresh for your organization but don’t know where to start? Echo & Co. can inventory and assess the visual assets you use across web, print, and other media to figure out the first steps to take. We’ll start with the low-hanging fruit and help you formulate a plan to accomplish long-term goals that better speak to your brand.


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