Custom Solutions

Our clients are not looking for cookie cutter solutions to complex problems. Whether it is a website build, social media strategy, or custom app, a good solution will serve a a unique purpose and a specific audience. Our mission is to find that right solution. Through a proven planning process, we work closely with the client team to discover the best direction.

This really applies to all clients, including Project AWARE. This unique client brings divers together to protect the oceans they love. Because their work is so grassroots-directed, we helped them create an engagement model specific to their needs. This was supported by a subsequent website build where together we created a community platform for divers to show collective strength and work together to conserve our oceans.

The power of the web comes from the quality that gives it its name: interconnectedness. Never before has the Internet been so web-like, with powerful and open APIs helping small businesses grow, advocacy organizations organize, and web users have a more seamless experience. We love the opportunities that service integration offers and look for ways to use it to help our clients make the change they want to see in the world.

Take the Camellia Network. In order to support them in providing aged-out foster youth with what they need to make their dreams come true, we built a custom integration with Amazon’s product advertising API. The organization can identify products to make available to the young people, display them in profile pages, let donors help fund specific products, then purchase the products to ship all from the Drupal site. This API integration enables the Camelia Network to spend more time helping foster youth and less time with a multi-site workflow.

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