The Wilderness Society

When the Wilderness Society came to us in 2012 to rebuild their old website, we knew there were a few primary goals we needed to address with the project. First, as always, the final site needed to serve their supporters and mission above all. In doing so, the content-rich site had to be easy to manage and configure for the administrators so they could support a variety of campaign structures. Finally, the site also had to be fully ready for modern web use with a complete mobile experience.

In July 2012 we launched the new Built on Drupal 7, we used now fundamental modules such as Context, Bean (for block management), and Display Suite to empower site admins to update essentially any element of the site. is truly designed to be an evolving platform, ready to match the organization's needs as they develop.

Our job wasn't done, though. In April 2013, we released a fully responsive website theme for Rather than create a separate mobile website requiring twice the management time, updating their site theme to be responsive meant that visitors on non-traditional devices can access the full site content in a way that works better for them. Our mission here was to not only make the site easier to view on mobile devices, but structure the site elements in such a way as to prioritize them properly on the page. This major update will give The Wilderness Society a platform and tool to support their mission for many years to come.

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