UN World Food Programme

The U.N. World Food Programme (WFP), the world's largest humanitarian aid agency, asked Echo & Co. to help them craft an effective online strategy for building an international movement of citizens committed to eradicating world hunger. Echo & Co. partnered with the WFP to develop, manage, and implement the internet strategy behind Fight Hunger: Walk the World, an international day of action to help end child hunger.

Echo & Co. developed a dynamic, multi-lingual website and an online campaign that allowed anyone in the world to organize or join a walk in their area, to participate online through a sponsored click program and to build an international scrapbook of photos and stories after the events were over.

The website that Echo & Co. developed enabled more than 200,000 people to literally Walk the World in 261 events and 91 countries on 12 June 2005, and our online campaign attracted tens of thousands of citizens who remain active in the FightHunger.org campaigns taking place throughout the year. More than 2,600 people registered to walk with approximately 20,000 joining the effort by sponsoring to feed a child.

The online outreach and word-of-mouth marketing strategy that Echo & Co. designed and implemented for Fight Hunger: Walk the World yielded links from more than 2,000 unique web properties, and more than half the visitors to FightHunger.org arrived by clicking a link in a personal e-mail or by directly typing the web address into their browser. More than 20,000 people received personal invitations sent by friends from FightHunger.org.

Echo & Co. worked collaboratively with the WFP to use the internet in smart, bold ways — from making good technical infrastructure decisions to developing online organizing and fundraising programs that continue to unite private citizens in the global effort to end hunger and support the U.N. Millennium Development Goals.

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