Sierra Club

The Sierra Club, America’s oldest and largest grassroots environmental organization, first came to Echo & Co. while running a campaign to fight toxic coal ash. To succeed, the Sierra Club needed to increase public awareness of toxic coal ash and turn it into meaningful action. Echo & Co. went to work building a Facebook app that used geolocation to target supporters living in the vicinity of toxic coal ash sites. Once users learned how close they lived to a site, the app encouraged them to take immediate action by submitting an official comment to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) -- all without leaving Facebook. By harnessing the powers of personalization and social media sharing, the Sierra Club was able to attract over 13,000 users in just the first few weeks.

Echo & Co. has continued to provide campaign support for the Sierra Club. Following successful collaboration on the Resilient Habitats program, Echo & Co. began work on the Beyond Natural Gas (BNG) campaign. We outlined email concepts and wrote, coded, and produced a set of emails for BNG, driving the discussion on fracking and liquefied natural gas export regulations. The Echo & Co.-produced emails exceeded the current BNG campaign benchmarks for click-through and action rates, resulting in over 75,000 total actions.

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