Project AWARE

Project AWARE is the world’s largest diver, ocean conservation, and marine biodiversity organization, with more than 1.2 million divers, dive leaders, dive shops, and activists who are part of the movement.

Why Echo?

Before Project AWARE approached us to lead its online community platform and engagement strategy, it mainly educated divers about underwater issues and engaged volunteers in ocean conservation projects. Now, with dedicated communities and a wealth of online tools, petitions, data collection systems, and interactive platforms, it leads a dynamic global movement to support divers in their quest for environmental change.

Connecting with Other Divers


Project AWARE’s environmentally conscious members often tried to find each other to collaborate, but without an organization-wide platform to communicate, they had no help forming groups to pick up trash on dives.


Designed, developed, and launched an online community portal in order to leverage the expansive community of ocean activists by allowing divers to plan and coordinate events and dives and growing their dive clubs.

Showing Environmental Impact


Though divers reported their data to Project AWARE, there was no way for them to see their impact on the environment.


To energize the online community we developed tools like The Action Zone and My Ocean, progressive “gamification” techniques with clear visualizations of members’ impact. The Action Zone features a Dive Into Action map with events, customizable by location, and a highly filterable Dive Against Debris map, which records every trash item worldwide that divers have reported and collected. My Ocean is a comprehensive user profile system with integrated personal blogs, video and image galleries, and a friends system so users can create an online home to document their personal efforts to protect our oceans.

Driving Donations


Because the divers saw themselves more as mere individuals than members, they donated no more than their small membership fees to the organization.


By engaging Project AWARE members through a community, and connecting them to the work the organization is doing every day, donation traffic on the Project AWARE site increased by roughly 30 percent.

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