Genius Rocket

The Challenge: Revolutionize the advertising business model and create dynamic advertisements.

The Genius Rocketeers, a group of advertising and media experts tired of traditional Madison Avenue campaigns, sought to open up and revolutionize the creative side of ad-making by soliciting more input from a wider range of talent and critics.

Our Solution: Echo & Co. planned and built a full-featured digital platform to allow a creative community to collaborate and produce ads, vote for the best work, and earn serious cash. We also executed an innovative online marketing campaign featuring blogs and social networks to build a community based around the website.

At, creative talent can learn about potential projects, find artistic partners, submit their work for community review, and ultimately get paid for the use of their ad in a campaign. A videographer and a musician, for example, can find each other on the site, and then create an advertisement for a national retail chain based on that company’s provided specs and resources. They can also share work on other video-sharing sites like YouTube with the click of a button. Everyone who submits a video on the site has a chance to earn money from an Advertising Client or by winning the community prize, the Rocket Awards. Echo & Co. also helped facilitate the first Genius Rocket primary, a competition in which users made and submitted videos for the 18 presidential candidates.

Today, the GeniusRocket creative community represents more than 6,000 videographers, graphic designers, copywriters, and other creative artists from more than 70 countries. GeniusRocket's catalog of active projects and clients continues to grow, resulting in more entertaining advertising creative in the marketplace (at a fraction of typical agency costs) and increased opportunities for ingenious people worldwide to make a living doing what they love.

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