Free Press

Free Press, a non-profit organization founded by media critic Robert McChesney, understands the integral role that the internet plays in advocacy and media. They work everyday to ensure open access to the internet, among their many other focus areas including media ownership and the right to public media. As media policy comes under fire, the rapidly growing organization began to outgrow it's homegrown website and were looking for a new open-source CMS with a fresh coat of paint.

Echo & Co. was engaged to guide the organization through the entire process, from design to technical development, training, and deployment.

During the first phase of the project, Echo & Co. worked with the Free Press web and communications staff to understand the role their web presence plays within the organization and thus determine the cohesive goals of the new web site. After conducting a thorough review and analysis of the existing website, in close collaboration with Free Press, we devised a much-improved design and user interface with an organized approach to finding content, and the ability to expand and grow as campaigns and policy necessitates.

Following a custom configuration of the content management system to meet the organization’s unique content and online campaigning needs, Echo & Co. worked with Free Press' highly technical web team to do an extensive content migration process designed to emphasize a smooth transition of Free Press' extensive news content.

Though Free Press has since brought technical development work in-house, we continue to host their sites and are thrilled to be part of the extended Free Press team.

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