Consumer Watchdog

Consumer Watchdog is a grassroots organization dedicated to identifying and exposing injustices committed against consumers, and working to take action against the corporations that commit them.

Echo & Co. worked with Consumer Watchdog to rethink, redesign, and redeploy

Our first goal was to provide Consumer Watchdog with an easy to use yet powerful content management system to keep their website up to date. We also needed to provide them with a stable hosting environment so their users and staff could count on reliable access to the website.

A second goal was to improve search and content browsing on the website. The previous site architecture made it difficult to find content once a user had passed the front page. There was also no clear way for users to find content related to specific topical areas.

Giving Consumer Watchdog’s web presence a better sense of identity and a visual upgrade was also a major priority. The previous design did not match the boldness and passion that members of their organization brought to their work.

We recommended a Drupal installation as the base platform for their site. This easy to manage CMS allows them to keep their site up to date and refresh their content regularly. Additionally, Consumer Watchdog is now hosted through Echo & Co.’s hosting services.

Next, we conducted a content audit, and built a custom migration process to bring old content over into the new structure whilst preserving their old categorization and tagging nomenclature. Numerous ways of featuring content throughout the website were implemented so that Consumer Watchdog could drive traffic to high priority and related content.

In addition to the basic CMS install and content reorganization, we guided Consumer Watchdog through our effective creative process to ensure that the visual design of the site more accurately captured the passion and identity of the organization.

The end result was a site that better displays Consumer Watchdog's tenacious dedication to fighting corporate injustice, and allows the organization's members to continue this work more effectively in the future.

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