AVAC plays a critical role in the fight to end AIDS by bridging the gap between the scientific/technical community and the advocates and implementers working to treat and prevent HIV/AIDS in countries around the world. Originally formed to focus solely on finding an AIDS vaccine, they now work across many areas to achieve the vision of preventing HIV transmission. They have partners across the world and provide critical information to organizations and individuals across the movement to end AIDS.

Our project initially started as a “simple” redesign in Drupal 7. But, as we worked through project strategies and key user experiences we realized the website could be more and do more than simply organize content. We realized it could be interactive, content rich, and engaging. Working with one of our longtime design partners, Neal Maher, the design we arrived at is simple, effective, and fits the need of their visitors.

Some of the key sections and features of the site include:

We had a great time working with AVAC and they now have a website that gives them the tools they need to best communicate with their constituency.

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