NOI/RootsCamp modeling good organizing (of course!)

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NOI/RootsCamp modeling good organizing (of course!)

I shouldn't be surprised, but I can't help but be impressed with how we heard back from the RootsCamp DC organizers only moments after signing-on as sponsors. It wasn't just the typical 'thank you' that you might expect. Instead Roz told us exactly who we were enabling to attend through our sponsorship -- the real name of the real internet director coming off a campaign in CA who wouldn't otherwise be able to participate in this post-election debrief.

The email we received is exactly what we try so hard to emphasize across all of our projects and client work: making clear the true, real-world impact of every action or contribution that we ask of others. And following-up as quickly as possible to close the loop and show how every person's contribution is part of something larger than themself. So Roz's note brought a smile to our--ok, my--face.

RootsCamp, if you haven't already heard, is a post-election debrief happing in cities across the country in the very un-conference bar-camp tradition. Ours in DC is happening this weekend. Bar camps are open-source, self-organized geek gatherings organized online to take place in real-space, usually around big tech convergences like SXSW, and organized transparently via a basic wiki.

Needless to say, this is right up our alley, so we're psyched to be involved. Between politics, online organizing, and the open sourcing of technology and ideas, RootsCamp is essentially the perfect merger of our greatest obsessions. (There's even one happening every Wednesday in the SecondLife metaverse!) See you this weekend!

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