Nicco Mele Hosts FireDogLake Book Salon with Steven Johnson

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Nicco Mele Hosts FireDogLake Book Salon with Steven Johnson

December 9, 2012

Nicco Mele recently hosted his second FireDogLake Book Salon, this time with Steven Johnson, author of Future Perfect: The Case for Progress in a Networked Age. 

As part of his introduction, Nicco talked about Johnson's concept of the peer progressive: 

"One of my great frustrations about the digital age is how poor our language is to explain and understand what is happening in our midst. At the outset of Future Perfect, Johnson offers us a new word to describe an emerging political consciousness: peer progressive. It is an apt term, well-coined. Peer progressives believe in the progress of humanity – that we are on a path of continual improvement, and that the exciting technological innovations of the digital age offer new and compelling ways forward. While embracing a progressive worldview, peer progressives believe in the power of peer-to-peer networks, not institutions. They are “wary of centralized control, but they [are] not free-market libertarians…they [are] equally suspicious of big government and big corporations.” (page xxxvi)"

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I see you like to read printed material. You should check out Nicco's book The End of Big: