New Breed of Campaigns Using Technology to Micro-Target Voters

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New Breed of Campaigns Using Technology to Micro-Target Voters

October 18, 2012

New technology is helping campaigns target and track supporters more quickly and universally than ever before.

Nicco Mele is a professor at the Harvard Kennedy School. Mele says mobile technology is revamping the election toolkit.

“If I was going to be radical, I’d say that polling is eventually going to disappear cause you’re simply not going to need to sample anymore. You’ll have such immediate house-by-house data based on digital reporting."


In the name of marketing, the 2012 campaigns are testing the limits of privacy. Presidential candidates are mining vacation histories and mortgage payments, just so their campaign workers can get really personal.

Harvard professor Mele says elections are a time to experiment.

“Just like Kennedy put on makeup to go on television to debate Richard Nixon and had a real impact, the candidates and the party that figures out how to use social media and emerging technologies to their advantage will win.”

I see you like to read printed material. You should check out Nicco's book The End of Big: