Our discovery practice is immersive, hands-on, evidence-based, and designed for mentorship and sharing.

There’s little “guess” in our work. During discovery, we use research and analysis to uncover new ways to make your tools and methods more effective. We work closely with you to investigate your field, your organization, your outreach channels, and to build empathy with your users. This gives us a clear vision for what challenges to overcome and opportunities to pursue. Where we uncover knowledge gaps, we create a plan to fill them.

Discovery conserves resources. It’s been our experience that taking time to complete research, analysis, and planning up front gives us a clear sense of what investments will see the greatest results. The outcome of this is measurable proof — the ability to track performance and show results.

You’re a key ingredient. During discovery working sessions, we work with you to name and weigh the most relevant aspects of your challenges and define their interrelationships. Once we have an understanding of the problems and how they are connected, we create insights-driven approaches to solving them.

Who Discovery Benefits

  • Organizational leaders looking to improve overall performance.
  • Product managers and creative leaders wanting more effective approaches to design and technology.
  • Customer experience leaders wanting to improve relationships with constituents.
  • Production leaders looking to improve processes, workflows, tools, and governance.

Discovery can be done as part of a larger project or as a stand-alone engagement. When we create a discovery program, we work closely with you to custom-design activities that best fit your needs. Here’s an example of what we can do: