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    Building Your Engagement Team

    As the digital and social spaces have reached maturity, we’re finally seeing organizations invest significant time and money in their digital teams. At the heart of what makes all efforts undertaken by digital teams effective is engagement. If you want your team to be successful, you need to be thinking about building an Engagement Team. We’ve put together some thoughts from our last year of working on building these teams with our clients.

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    Hackathon: How Hackers + Marathon = Social Good

    When I began my internship at EchoDitto in May, I never would have thought a Hackathon could be a good thing. It sounded illicit and dangerous. I pictured a group of hackers getting together and breaking down firewalls to access data. Why would any group plan an event like this?

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    Be cool editing Wikipedia

    The Wikipedia page for Wikipedia tells us its been answering our bar bets about Twin Peaks sub-plots and writing our term papers on the East Atlantic

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    Balancing Community Building with Audience Engagement

    Two weeks ago, the gaming firm ArenaNet launched one of the most highly-anticipated video game titles in years, Guild Wars 2.

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