“(Here are) the raw material of facts and thoughts, wood, as it were, so called from the multiplicity and variety of the matter contained therein.”
From Ben Jonson’s Commonplace Book


FDA Approves OTC Sale of Morning After Pill

At 9.20 this morning, the Food and Drug Adminsitration approved the over the counter sale of the morning after pill to women, and men, over eighteen years old.


Free Zipcode-to-Representative Matching Database! Come and Get It!

In a previous, much crappier professional life, I worked as a programmer for the government. Most DC-area geeks do, in fact, although the work is usu


The Web as Power Base

Woodrow Wilson once said, “Power consists in one's capacity to link his will with the purpose of others, to lead by reason and a gift of cooperation.” And while he couldn’t have foreseen the boom of interconnectivity the Internet has been bestowing on the 21st century, the quot


The Move, Cont'd

Well, we're in. As usual, we hit the ground running -- unpacking, finding stuff we forgot we had -- and figuring out what (and who) goes where. Of course, the internet was the first thing we got up and running.


The Fridge

We live online, most of the time. Yet sooner or later even we have to tear ourselves away from our keyboards and monitors to eat. Sure,we can order pizza online easily enough. But that means we need a place to put the leftovers. We needed a fridge, but the new office didn't come with one.


A Scientific Diversion

Moving has a way of shaking things loose, and you end up finding stuff you didn't know you had; stuff that you should throw out, excep that you can think of better things to do with it.


Dittos on Film (Sorta)

Via Jumpcut, the first of a series (more or less) on our move to the new office space.


Dittos on the Move

Wondering where we are? Well, we do live online, but there are some things that can only be done offline. For example, moving to a new server can totally be done online. Moving to a new office, however, requires being offline.


Michael Silberman's picture

The new [green?] office of our dreams

So, we're hours away from the big move into our new office (or Global Operations Centre, as I like to think of it). There are a million reasons why this move is incredibly exciting for us -- we'll post photos and stories real soon so that you can see why...


21st Century War Diaries

War is often associated with the technological advances of the era (eg. Vietnam was the first "television war"), and the current conflict in the Middle East, as well as the war in Iraq, are certainly part of the "Web 2.0 Wars."

I see you like to read printed material. You should check out Nicco's book The End of Big: