Planning for 2015: Responsive Strategy

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Planning for 2015: Responsive Strategy

Please note: This event will be broadcasted live via Google Hangouts. We'll update this page with the live video feed at the time of the event. We'll also publish the link to Twitter and Facebook.

We're about halfway through this crazy year, which means our gaze is about to drift towards 2015. It's a natural process every year, driven by the joys of budget cycles, holidays and vacations, and beach weather. Echo & Co. wants to help.

Over the next few months we're going to be talking about planning for your digital programs in 2015. Here's one of our first bits: a Google Hangout about the strategy that goes into responsive design, hosted by Graziella, our new Director of User Experience. Joining Graziella will be Jessica Teal, Design Manager for the 2008 Obama presidential campaign, and founder of Teal Media. Together, they’re going to take a look at content strategy and experience strategy in responsive design.

You'll be glad you came. With the explosion of mobile internet traffic, responsive design is essential to communicating your story to anyone on any device. It's not just about having your website on a mobile phone or a tablet, it's about telling your story to your audience, where they are.

If you have questions for Graziella or Jessica, you can Tweet with the #digitalplan2015 hashtag.

Updated with video:

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