New Tool: Background Burner

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New Tool: Background Burner

If you do any light image editing–say for email newsletters or blog posts–you may be familiar with the urge to... spice up your pictures.

Maybe you want to add a colorful background to a picture, or drop a subject into a different time or place. Maybe you just want to taunt your boss.

Whatever your reason is, take a look at Background Burner. It's a new (to me) tool that pretty easily cuts the background out of any picture you upload.

It's not perfect. Sometimes you get different results for the same picture, but it always gives you the option to tweak the picture after the fact, which is nice. It's not an every day tool, but its much quicker than playing around with the Magic Wand Tool, at least for the Photoshop novices among us.

I leave you with this.

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