Morning Reads: Vine, SEO, and Teams

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Morning Reads: Vine, SEO, and Teams

In which Twitter adds more features, your uniqueness is encouraged and affirmed, and your team takes center stage.

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The latest in the saga of feature creep in social networks comes from our friends at Twitter. Yesterday Twitter launched the iOS only Vine, an app that allows you to tweet 6-second video clips. The cool thing about this little service is that it lets you start and stop the video as often as you’d like, so I can imagine some neat stop animation advocacy videos happening. Remember the photos of people holding up papers with “I Am the 99%” written on them? A stop motion of that campaign would be keen.


Understanding good SEO doesn’t have to be some sort of black magic. In fact, we are constantly warning our clients to stay away from those paid SEO-rank-improvement schemes. The real meat of a solid SEO strategy is in good, relevant content. If you’ve got really good content, chances are it lives in lots of places on the web. After all, you put a lot of time into creating and you want it to be seen by everyone. Our friends at SEOMoz take a look at why unique content matters.


I spent 6 years working at non-profits and never really understood why teams were often so dysfunctional. It wasn’t always bad, but when things went south on a project there were few people on the team who understood how to get things on track again. When I joined EchoDitto a year ago I discovered a new relationship to teams. Communication, feedback, planning, and an understanding for the human element make things tick. Here are some great tips from the Project Management Tips blog for making an effective team. The lessons don’t just apply to agencies like us, but to small and large teams within an organization like yours.


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