Morning Reads: Google Ad Jujutsu, Trust Barometer, Spreadable not Sticky

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Morning Reads: Google Ad Jujutsu, Trust Barometer, Spreadable not Sticky


Today we learned that Google ads have gone mobile with location aware options, and we're thinking about how to do some serious jujutsu for social good. Edelman tells us that Technology companies are the most trusted type of business out there *blush*. And, like a good peanut butter, the best content isn't sticky, it is spreadable.

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Google Ad Jujutsu

Location aware ads are here. Advertisers can serve up ads for their pizza joint when you are in their neighborhood looking for pizza. Why let them have all the fun? What if your “Made With A Living Wage” campaign is targeting a national big-box clothing store? Why not run some of those location aware ads with an advocacy slant? I really think these ads are going to be far more effective for driving action from mobile devices than advocacy apps with little other value to offer the user. Fish where the fish are, not where you want them to be.

Trust Barometer

Any organizer worth their salt will tell you that leveraging the power of a community, and building trust starts with actually engaging with that community. Not building it from scratch, actually finding out who that community is, where they live, and learning about them by listening to them. It is almost painful to write these words, because it is something everyone should know by now. If you haven’t read the 2013 Edelman Trust Barometer report, take some time today to do that. We were pretty pleased to discover that tech companies are the most trusted companies out there.

Spreadable Not Sticky

Ok, ok, every three months or so a new mantra emerges about what your content or web presence should be. Chip and Dan Heath are a great example of generating ideas that work in the board room. Switch? Stick? I’m not knocking these mantras, because they work. Sam Ford’s new book adds another “S” to the pantheon of one word mantras – Spreadable. Ford argues that spreadability, though, is more important than stickiness. FastCompany takes a look here.

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