Leif's 2011 Favorites

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Leif's 2011 Favorites

Favorite Links of 2011
Stellar - Fueled by Twitter, Flickr, Vimeo, and Youtube, it's a super rich feed of only the awesome things you want to see from only the awesome people you want to seem them from.

The New Pornographers music video for Moves - Written and directed by Tom Scharpling, it features pretty much every alt comedy star from New York City. And it rocks so hard.

Superego - An improvised comedy podcast that is equal parts brilliant and insane. Guest stars include the likes of Patton Oswalt, Drew Carey, John Hodgman, and Rich Sommer.

Best Book of 2011
That Is All by John Hodgman

Best Movie of 2011
Louis CK: Live at the Beacon Theater

Best Television of 2011
Doctor Who Series 6

Favorite Restaurant
Redbones - It's barbecue in New England—go figure. And you'd be remiss if you didn't order whatever they have on cask, if only because it's beer how you're supposed to have beer.

Favorite Game
Crokinole - It's Canadian, but it's good!

Favorite Mobile App
Instacast on the iPhone

Favorite Commuter Aid
Hey Somerville Community Path, thanks for getting me to work everyday. I could do this job without you, but I'd rather not.

Favorite Cause
Graham Clark's Beard Paintings - It's not a single cause, but Vancouver comedian Graham Clark makes paintings with his beard. Yep, that's while it's on his face. He auctions the disturbingly good paintings off on eBay and gives all the proceeds to charity.

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