Juan González becomes a Partner at EchoDitto

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Juan González becomes a Partner at EchoDitto

Juan González joined EchoDitto four years ago. If you've ever spent five minutes with Juan, you know the kind of impression he can leave on you. And we've had him for four years.

Cheerful, considerate, and fiercely loyal, that's Juan. He'll jokingly refer to himself as a dictator—the product of his being the creator of an entire world—but the reality is pretty close to the opposite. If anything, it's a tyranny of benevolence, even as his role here has evolved from project manager to Client Services Director, and now a Partner at EchoDitto.

Juan has been instrumental in growing the business and shaping the culture here at EchoDitto. He's led many client relationships, including some of our most high-profile and ambitious engagements, such as guiding the Open Government Partnership to establish a digital platform for countries to provide transparency and accountability to citizens around the globe, and leading the Project AWARE Foundation through a strategic re-envisioning of how to engage its community online culminating in ProjectAWARE.org's re-launch in 2011. He's turned back the tide of endless meetings, reversed inefficiencies in our internal capacity and planning processes into strengths, and has helped guide the development of members of our strategy team. Juan goes to great lengths to make sure our clients are well cared for.

For the past four years he's been making things run at EchoDitto, which is exactly what to expect going forward. His role won't change—he's the same Juan he's ever been, but now with a sword fit for a king.

I am proud to call Juan a Partner in our business. Any small business comes with its ups and downs, and Juan has been a friend and colleague through it all. Here is to our glorious future!

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