Introducing the new

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Introducing the new

I tend to be attracted to big causes. Heck, for many years I worked to eradicate the world of nuclear weapons, so big global issues don’t intimidate me. It makes sense then why I was quickly attracted to my client AVAC and their work to rid the world of AIDS.

For decades now, AVAC has played a critical role in the fight to end AIDS. They bridge the gap between the scientific/technical community and the advocates and implementers “on the ground” across the globe. While I may not understand the science, I get why there is such a huge need for this work. Originally formed to focus solely on finding an AIDS vaccine, they now work across many areas to achieve the vision of preventing HIV transmission in the first place. They have partners around the world and provide critical information to organizations and individuals across the movement to end AIDS.

When we first started working together in the spring of last year, our project was a pretty “simple” website redesign. But, as we worked through project strategies and key user experiences - and in fact, once we started development - the AVAC team realized the website could do so much more than just display content. They were so used to a system that limited them, our work together opened their eyes to thinking about how to display complex information (be it location data, clinical trials, infographics etc.) in an easy to digest way. If AVAC’s role is to bridge gaps between the scientific community and advocates and implementers, the information they disseminate must be as easy to digest as possible.

Working with one of our longtime design partners, Neal Maher, the design we arrived at is simple, effective, and fits the needs of the site’s visitors. All of the sections of the site are easy to navigate and provide quick access to key information.

Some of the key features of the site include:

We had a great time working with AVAC and they now have a website system that gives them the tools they need to best communicate effectively with their constituency. With these new digital tools they can continue their critical work to spread vital information that may one day bring about an end to AIDS.

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