Replace iTunes icon.

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Replace iTunes icon.

iTunes recently launched its new social networking platform, Ping, and with the launch came a few interface changes. The changes include replacing the standard horizontally configured window controls with vertical ones (LifeHacker tells you how to change this back if you like -, lighter colors all the way around (a dull gray that I am not really into), the removal of some dividers, and swapping out the icon. The icon change actually makes sense, because they removed the medium from the music. Instead of a CD (which is rather outdated) it only shows the music icon. That said, this new icon is fugly, and I wanted to change it.

  • The first thing you need to do is download the attached icon file. (bottom of post)
  • Open the icon file.
  • Press "CMD+A" to select the image, then "CMD+C" to copy it.
  • Now, you need to close iTunes.
  • Next, you should open finder, and click Applications.
  • Find iTunes and click it a single time.
  • Click "File"->"Get Info"
  • Click the fugly icon at the top right, next to the text "iTunes" "Modified", etc.
  • When you click it, it should highlight. Press "CMD+V" to paste in the better, prettier icon.

Now, iTunes icon has been replaced. You may notice, if you have iTunes in your Dock, that the icon was not replaced. You should remove iTunes from your dock, and readd it.


Now I leave you with my sign of protest!

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