Hello, nice to meet you. Let me introduce myself. My favorite pie is pecan pie. These days you might find me running a 5k or on an ERG. When I was little I wanted to be an aeronautics engineer, but now I'm happy to be at Echo&Co. Did you know that one of the other folks here likes to go to Rio ?

As system administrator, Olumide ensures that all sites Echo&Co hosts are secure and operating at optimal performance and that there is a clear plan for the development we do for our clients and its transition to a hosting site. As part of the technical team, he also helps ensure that the technical implementation supports site requirements in order to provide the best user experience upon visiting the sites we build.

Prior to joining Echo&Co., Olumide worked as an IT director, administrator, and project manager with nonprofits and a number of government agencies, including for the CDC, the State of Connecticut, and the City of Boston on managing and developing applications and backend infrastructure. He is part of the Boston Agile PM Group, has deep technical acumen, and a background in systems administration and back-end development.

Olumide has a Unix and software development certificate from the University of Minnesota, is a CompTIA and PMI-certified project manager, and has a Bachelor of Science in information technology from the University of Phoenix. He is currently pursuing a master's degree in management at Harvard University. He is an avid runner, rower, and squash player and lives in Boston with his wife and son.