Hello, nice to meet you. Let me introduce myself. My favorite coffee machine is a Nespresso. These days you might find me in the yoga studio. When I was little I wanted to be a ballerina, but now I'm happy to be at Echo&Co. Did you know that one of the other folks here wears holiday sweaters ?

As the director of client engagement, Lisa is responsible for developing our client services and project management practices, leading the project management team, and delivering the highest quality product for our clients. 

Prior to joining Echo&Co, Lisa worked at ICF Interactive, The Nature Conservancy, and NavigationArts. 

Lisa has a Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Arts in international marketing from the American University and a Master’s degree in nonprofit management from Carnegie Mellon University. She spends her free time attending dance performances around D.C., and lives in Alexandria, Va., with her family. 

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