National Presidential Caucus set for December 7th

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National Presidential Caucus set for December 7th


Just when you thought your entire political life had moved online...reading news, scouring blogs, researching candidates... the National Presidential Caucus (NPC) launched a site today aimed at bringing those conversations back to the real world at a National Presidential Caucus on December 7th.

Never fear, EchoDitto and NPC haven't lost faith in the power of online organizing - quite the opposite actually. We both recognize the importance of harnessing these tools to facilitate one of our nation's most important processes -- choosing a President.

In 2004, about 5 million people organized online to participate in face-to-face political Meetups, town hall meetings and the like. This momentum sparked an idea that has now come to fruition as National Presidential Caucus - a day of face-to-face meetings with your friends, your neighbors, your community, and your country deliberating the issues that matter most - organized fully online. Working with NPC has been really exciting. I'm anxious to see what happens next.

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